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Looking to rock your business?

Under the SMRT Women banner, a community for aspiring and working female entrepreneurs, SMRT POP UPS and Pursuit Coaching Services have partnered to offer a series of hands-on workshops designed to help you rock your business. Whether you're getting ready to launch, just starting out, or you've been running your business for years and are looking to get to the next level - we've got you covered.


While the workshops have been designed to address challenges that most acutely affect women in business, all genders are welcome. This workshop series is best suited for those who currently operate a business (full or part-time).


Get a spot to one workshop for $20, or attend all three for just $45 - a savings of $15! Email for your three-pack discount code. 

The Workshops

Identifying Belief Systems That Support Your Vision with Tara Larkin

Wed Jan 24 // 7-9PM // Baked Cafe

$20  or $45 for all three workshops (savings of $15)

Beliefs are powerful. In fact, the single most distinguishing factor between those who succeed and those who struggle in business is a person’s ability to believe in themselves no matter the odds. To fully believe in yourself and your capacity to achieve and succeed is the golden ticket in business.  But how do we fully believe when self doubt is our strongest opponent?

In this hands-on workshop Tara Larkin of Pursuit Coaching Services will walk participants through a process to deeply connect with their business goals and vision, observe the beliefs that are creating obstacles and create a path forward for success.


In this workshop you will:

  • Develop personal awareness about belief patterns that are currently shaping your business success
  • Identify beliefs that are holding you back
  • Welcome new perspectives and beliefs that will help you shape your business vision
  • Move forward in your business with fewer blinders and a renewed confidence for success

If you are looking to get past the procrastination, let go of the fear, move through imposter syndrome, and overcome those ideas and beliefs that are holding you back then this workshop is a must.

Getting Past Imposter Syndrome - How to Self-Promote With Sass

Wed Feb 21 // 7-9PM // Baked Cafe

$20  or $45 for all three workshops (savings of $15)

Do you struggle to describe to people exactly what you do? Does the thought of telling others about your accomplishments make you cringe? Do you worry that someone is going to pull back the curtain and reveal you as a fraud at any time?

You are not alone. Many many women struggle to self-promote effectively. It’s like we are allergic to it. So much so that it tops the list of career blocks for women across all industries. And yet, self-promotion is a critical skill - in landing that great contract, in selling your product, in building a tribe of champions who are connected to what you do and the impact you are trying to make in the world. We have to be visible for our businesses to succeed. Customers can’t buy what they can’t see.

In this interactive workshop Sofia Fortin of SMRT POP UPS will take you on a journey to get clear on what you offer and  how to proudly declare it to the world without feeling icky.


In this workshop you will...

  • Identify your imposter syndrome demons and visibility blocks and learn how to tackle them
  • Practice the art of recognizing your wins both small and big
  • Learn how to describe what you do and offer in a compelling way
  • Practice tools and techniques to share successes and wins without feeling icky

Self-promotion can be fun, natural and a seamless part of your day to day with simple tools and some shifts in perspective. Come prepared to get goofy, to play and to push your comfort zone.

Creating Content that Gets you Clients

Wed March 7 // 7-9PM // Baked Cafe

$20  or $45 for all three workshops (savings of $15)

Looking to stand out as a small business or solopreneur? Marketing is all about putting together content (i.e information) that engages people with your products and your business. Whether you are creating videos, Facebook posts, emails, blogs, brochures or otherwise this is what we call content.


The right content can help you outperform larger brands with bigger budgets and reach your target audience in a saturated marketplace. Whatever your business - whether a retail store or a guiding company, content can help you build credibility and your brand. With a strong content strategy, you can raise your business’s profile, build strong relationships with prospects and customers, boost your reach, and get sales.

In this interactive workshop, we will use small group discussion and activities to:

  • Identify your key audiences and begin building personas and avatars.
  • Determine what type of content you should be creating to engage, educate, and entertain your audiences.
  • Learn how to develop an editorial calendar to take the guesswork out of planning and creating your content.

Meet the workshop facilitators

SMRT POP UPS is pleased to be partnering with Pursuit Coaching Services to offer the SMRT Women Workshops

Tara Larkin

integrative health and wellness coaching

Tara Larkin is a skilled, Professional Coach who earned her coaching credentials through Mount Royal University, a curriculum aligned with the standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF); the most recognized and respected coach regulating body worldwide.


Tara is a successful entrepreneur and Founder of Pursuit Coaching Services. She coaches from a strengths-based, client-centered, process of identity awareness and encourages women to reconnect with who they are, reclaim their own inner wisdom, and honor the uniqueness that sets them apart from everyone else.


Tara’s clients leave her sessions feeling challenged, inspired, and with a new perspective and appreciation for themselves that breaks down barriers and opens doorways to help them thrive the way they are truly capable of. Whether her client's want to set big goals, be held accountable, build confidence, transition through change, or simply gain clarity, Tara’s intention is to inspire ambitious women to lead intentional lives and to uphold a strict code of ethics, standards, and core competencies in alignment with the ICF in every client engagement.

Sofia Fortin

marketing and business development

The daughter of two entrepreneurs and a born and raised Yukoner Sofia has been working for herself on and off for the past decade. She holds a bachelor of arts in Communications and Publishing and has had the privilege of working with many businesses, government departments and nonprofits in the Yukon. Over the years she has held numerous positives with government, Yukon College, Outcrop Yukon, The Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver and many more. Currently, she is the co-director of SMRT POP UPS - a marketing and events agency and The Happy Vagina Project - a sexuality coaching and education agency. Her passion is supporting business and organizations to get clear on their goals, set up systems for success, and tell their stories effectively.


A graduate of the Minerva Women’s leadership program she is motivated to support women in taking over the world with their special talents and abilities. After 10 years of working for herself, she has come through the trenches to learn the necessary mindset and skills to build a successful practice. From mastering money systems through SOOO MUCHHH frustration to daily gratitude practices, learning to trust that projects will come, and knowing how to promote yourself consistently with grace she has lots of advice, support, and perspective to offer. Her areas of specialty and coaching for this program are pricing, business planning, schedule planning, systems and processes, strategic planning and marketing strategy.

Selene Vakharia

marketing, social media & digital media

Selene has over a decade of experience in social & digital media, public relations, event management and audience research. She has worked with businesses of all sizes, nonprofit organizations, and government departments to create meaningful and goal-oriented campaigns. She is currently the co-owner of SMRT POP UPS - a marketing and events agency that helps brands and businesses find their story and craft strategic content that turns their target audience into happy clients. When it comes to finding data and using it to tell a story that makes sense, she's got it figured out - and can't wait to help you do the same for your business. She will work with you to figure out WHO your audience is, WHERE they are, and HOW to talk to them in a way that will grab and sustain their attention.