The first step in creating a brand that captivates and connects with your customers.


Ever wish you knew exactly what content to create to promote your business? Ready to stop feeling overwhelm and business FOMO when it comes to your own messaging and brand? Want to connect with your Dream Customers and grab their attention?


You need a brand story!


A brand story builds and shares the vision and purpose of your business. It brings to life the passion, the spark, the imaginative idea that’s at the heart of your business and gives it shape.


With a clear and compelling brand story you can break through marketing indecision, ignore shiny objects, set your sites, and know exactly what to say and how. You can attract your Dream Customers and turn them into your biggest fans.


That’s what a brand story can do for your business.


Enter the 5-Step Model to Build a Powerful Brand Story Challenge.


Over the course of 6 days, a webinar, workbook, and daily challenge prompts will walk you through the five steps to getting clear on your business and creating your own compelling brand story.



⚡What a brand story is and why you need one for your business (whatever stage you’re at)

⚡The five steps to building your brand story

⚡Limiting beliefs that hold EVERYBODY back when it comes to business – and how to shift your mindset to bust through them


Join the 6-day challenge starting January 27



selene vakharia courses for entrepreneurs

Hey! Selene here! I’m a Business & Marketing Strategist and owner of a full-service marketing, design, and events agency where I work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to dream big, tell their stories, and engage their audiences.


After running our agency for a number of years, we decided that we wanted to use our marketing, money, and mindset superpowers to help entrepreneurs rock THEIR businesses. So, SMRT WOMEN was started.


SMRT WOMEN is an award-winning community for aspiring and working female entrepreneurs. There are programs, events, and workshops designed to help you build the skills, support, and connections you need for you and your business to thrive - whatever stage your business is in.


The truth is, you’re awesome at what it is that you do. I'm here to help you own that awesomeness and show it to the world!  I'm here to help you get on top of all the tiny details and small tasks that happen behind the scenes of a business so you can THRIVE and so you can get paid to do the things you LOVE to do.