Find dream clients with ease with...

The Client Attraction Framework

You already know who your dream client is… but now… where the heck are they?


You’re creating content, you’ve niched down and know who your dream client is, and you’re showing up...but you still feel like you’re struggling with getting clients.


You launch your offer or a program and have zero interest or applications...and you feel like you’re not getting in front of the right people, like your audience isn’t warm enough, like you’re just shouting to an empty room.


This can feel so frustrating. And it really doesn’t have to be.


The Client Attraction Framework is how you get from “is anybody out there??”... finding your dream clients and having them lining up in the DMs wanting to work with YOU.


Client attraction is the missing piece for building an audience that is excited for everything you’re sharing and can’t wait to work with you.


You can have the best service or product in the world, but if you don’t have an audience and if that audience doesn’t trust you and believe 100% that you can transform their lives, then it doesn’t even matter.

Imagine attracting and building a community that:

Introducing the Attract Consistent Dream Clients Mastermind


This is a 8-week online mastermind that’s going to help you start attracting your dream clients with ease.


Making consistent income doing what you love to do with people who value your expertise and are excited to pay you what you’re worth is WITHIN YOUR REACH when you have the right strategy, mindset, and support.


If you’re ready to feel the flow and ease in attracting Dream Clients, get ready because that is where we’re going to get together!


Take a moment and imagine …

⚡You feel fulfilled getting to wake up and do what you love everyday 

⚡You’re bringing in consistent income and are financially stable

⚡You’re positively impacting so many people with your gifts and expertise

⚡You’re attract clients you LOVE to work with with ease - they love working with you and they get amazing results

⚡You have freedom in your schedule to travel, take any day off you want, spend time with your family…!


Let’s stop those spinning wheels, cut through that overwhelm, and get you attracting Dream Clients with ease! This Mastermind is how we’re going to make that happen for you using the exact framework that I have honed with 15+ years of experience and that has worked for me and for my clients to attract consistent dream clients month after month.

I’m so excited to make your dreams a reality, are you? Let’s dive in.

Join the waitlist to save $250. Waitlist closes November 2, 2020.

Using this framework, here’s what my clients have achieved:

  • Leaving their 9-to-5 to be full time doing what they love
  • Doubling their income
  • Turning their hobby into a business
  • Booking out their programs and having a waitlist of clients excited to work with them
  • Finding it easy to market their business and to attract clients
  • Getting super clear and cutting through all the overwhelm on what to do in their business to attract dream clients
selene vakharia book your dream client

In case you don’t know me, hi, I’m Selene.


I’m an award-winning business coach and have over 15 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, award-winning agencies, and companies across the world to attract clients, cultivate communities and connections, and launch offers.


That’s why I’m confident that this framework works.


I created this program because there were so many business owners who are AWESOME at what they do...but just can’t seem to find clients who see them as the amazing badasses they are.


I see you out there creating content...that isn’t warming your audience, having services and offers you would rock...but no one is signing up - and it makes me SAD. 


I saw a gap that needed to be filled between all the coaches and programs that were out there saying to make content - without telling you HOW to do it well, saying to show up as a leader - without actually saying what that means, saying to get in DMs - without showing you how to build meaningful authentic relationships.


The world needs all your awesome gifts, the world needs you to succeed - and that’s exactly why I created The Client Attraction Framework.


Are you ready to get dream clients who are as excited as you are about what you have to offer?

During this 4-week program, you'll have access to:

  • Interactive weekly calls with a small intimate group where we’ll cover key strategies and tools and have loads of opportunities for hot seat coaching
  • Replays of each call
  • Weekly assignments to get that momentum going so you can immediately start implementing in a highly supported environment
  • An Instagram group chat with me and your group where we can share wins, support each other through struggles, and ask questions
  • BONUS: a toolkit full of training videos, templates, checklists, and more!
  • VIP ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT UPGRADE AVAILABLE: access one-on-one support with me through Voxer, a one:one call, and content reviews - all customized to your needs.



If you’re looking for 1:1 support, this program VIP upgrade is for you. Create your own personalized mini mastermind by layering one-on-one support on this intimate live group coaching program.


You’ll get a 60-min call that you can access at any time during the program so that we can work through your unique challenges around attracting dream clients.


You’ll also have access to me all month long through Voxer where you can ask me any questions, work through the program topics, and get mindset and strategic support on demand.


Plus, you’ll have access to content review so that you can feel confident as you implement all the amazing strategies and tools you’ll learn during the program.


$1,000 CAD
+ GST for Canadian based clientele

Join the waitlist to save $250. Waitlist closes November 2, 2020.


$350 CAD/Month
+ GST for Canadian based clientele


Join the waitlist to save $250. Waitlist closes November 2, 2020.


Access VIP 1:1 support with a 60-min coaching call, voxer for the full length of the program, and content reviews throughout the program.
$500 CAD (on top of the program investment of $1,000)
+ GST for Canadian based clientele
3 month payment plan available

Join the waitlist to save $250. Waitlist closes November 2, 2020.

Frequently asked questions

What's your coaching style?

I coach with a blend of strategy, mentorship, and coaching. This means that I share freely my expertise from my over 15 years of working with businesses and at award-winning ad agencies. And that I mentor from the place of having run a successful business for five years. But, I also use coaching to bring out the pro in you and support you in stepping into your own power.


This combo is how I am able to have such an impact with my clients and help them achieve huge results. In this Mastermind, you get full access to my 15+ years of experience so that we can get super personalized and customized in how we work in YOUR business. 


1:1 Coaching - Coaching, Strategy, & Mentorship

Group Calls - Live Teaching/Q&A with hot seat coaching

When will the calls be?

Once everyone is in the program, we will find a time that works best for everyone. All calls will be recorded in case you miss one or if you want to watch them again.

Will I have one-on-one time with you?

One-on-one support is so powerful when it comes to achieving your goals. There will be a ton of opportunities to ask question and get hot-seat coaching and mentorship during the group calls. But, if you're looking for some extra one-on-one personalized support, the VIP upgrade is for you. With the VIP upgrade, in addition to all the features of the program, you'll get a 60-min call (just me and you), voxer support throughout the program, and content review.

When does it start?

The program starts November 16, 2020.

I’m just starting out in my business - is this for me?

Yes! If you're new in your business, there is no better way to start off strong than to nail Client Attraction. This program will get you in the perfect flow of building your audience, warming them up, and creating content that positions you as the badass leader you are.

I’ve been in my business for a while - is this for me?

Yes! If you've been in your business for a while, and you've had some clients but you don't know where they come from or where your next client is coming from...this program is for you. Client attraction is not something that should be left to chance in a business. This program is going to teach you strategies and a repeatable framework so you can be attracting dream clients consistently with ease and so that you can be seen as the leader you are.

Why do I need to apply?

Because you’re done with feeling stuck and like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. You KNOW that what you’re offering is amazing and can legit change people’s lives, but your Dream Clients are just not seeing you.


You’re offering discounts, being super undervalued, and as a result working with people you don’t feel excited about. You did not start your business to not feel fulfilled every day! You are here to make an impact and to be seen and valued as the awesome leader you are!


That's where the Client Attraction Framework is going to change everything for you.

Join the waitlist to save $250. Waitlist closes November 2, 2020.