Courses, Challenges, and Free Classes...oh my!


I know that you know your business, and that you started it because it's your passion. But, when it comes to the money and marketing side of it, that's not what you signed up for. Luckily, that's where I can really help. The money and marketing side is my passion, and I'm here to show you that it doesn't have to be hard. I've created a suite of courses and programs to arm you with the skills and knowledge you need for you and your business to thrive - whatever stage you're at.


Whether you're getting ready to launch, just starting out, or you've been running your business for years and are looking to get to the next level - I've got you covered.

Facebook Ads Free Class

A free class to help you rock Facebook Ads

We have heard from so many business owners who KNOW there is great potential in Facebook Ads, but who are struggling with tapping into it for their OWN businesses. If you’ve been just dipping your toe into the world of Facebook Ads, and you’re ready to go further, then you’ll want to check out our brand-new FREE class: the Facebook Ads Primer. After this class, you’ll be ready to dive into Facebook Ads with clarity and strategy so that you never waste your money or time again.



The first step in creating a brand that captivates and connects with your customers.

Over the course of 6 days, a webinar, workbook, and daily challenge prompts will walk you through the five steps to getting clear on your business and creating your own compelling brand story.



Everything you need to know to use Facebook Ads to grow your business on a small budget.

Grow your Business with Facebook Ads is a four-part course that will arm you with all the tools, know-how, and tips you need to go from overwhelm to expert. Get ready to dive deep into Facebook Ads to get you SUPER comfortable with Ads Manager, explore and understand everything you need to know about campaign types, how to create audiences, creating awesome ads, and more.


Your step-by-step roadmap for creating a profitable and sustainable business.

Ever wish you knew exactly what to focus on to move your business or organization forward? In this free masterclass, I'm giving away the exact framework you need to ditch the overwhelm, focus your efforts, and build a profitable and sustainable business.


An 8-week program designed to help you build a profitable and successful business.

At the end of the 8 weeks, you are going to have mastered all things business. And, more importantly, all things YOUR business. With a mix of online at-your-own-pace learning, hands-on exercises that go super deep, and live group coaching mastermind style, you’ll walk away armed with the knowledge, skills, and super-customized-to-you-ready-to-implement action plan to build a profitable and sustainable business.


Increase attendance and sell tickets to make your event a success.

Whether you're planning a launch event for your business, an art show for your newest piece or exhibition, or a workshop that you're running, you need to be able to effectively promote it to your audience. This course takes over a decade of promoting events (including conferences, theatre festivals, music shows, and workshops) and turns it into an actionable and easy-to-implement plan.



selene vakharia courses for entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm Selene!


I’ve been running a full-service marketing, design, and events agency where I work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to dream big, tell their stories, and engage their audiences.


After running the agency for a couple of years, I decided that I wanted to use our marketing, money, and mindset superpowers to help entrepreneurs rock THEIR businesses. And so, SMRT WOMEN was born.


SMRT WOMEN is an award-winning community for entrepreneurs. We have programs, events, and workshops designed to help you build the skills, support, and connections you need for you and your business to thrive - whatever stage your business is in.


The truth is, you’re awesome at what it is that you do. I'm here to help you own that awesomeness and show it to the world!  I'm here to help you get on top of all the tiny details and small tasks that happen behind the scenes of a business so you can THRIVE and so you can get paid to do the things you LOVE to do.