You already know who your ideal client is… but now… where the heck are they? How do you find them? How do you reach them? How do you sell to them?


You have had a couple of clients, but you’re not 100% sure where your next one is coming from. You’re feeling uncertain and that self doubt is starting to win. You’re taking on clients that aren’t a good fit when you are ready to be working with just DREAM clients.


You know…those clients that

⚡SEE the value in what you can offer them.

⚡are happy to pay you and don’t ask for discounts.

⚡you build an amazing relationship with and LOVE working with and feel like “oh yes, THIS is why I started my business!”


But, how do you get those DREAM clients? How do you attract and book them with confidence and ease?


If you want it to feel EASY to build a community that sees you as an expert and WANTS to work with YOU...


If you want to feel confident in selling in a way that feels authentic and natural and that WORKS…


...then welcome to the 5 Day Fast Track to Booking Your Next Dream Client!

Ready to start working with YOUR dream clients?
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Hi, I’m Selene.


I’m a business and marketing strategist and coach with over 15 years of experience helping businesses become dream client magnets. I’ve had my own marketing and branding business for five years, and within the first year I was making double of what I had made at my 9 to 5.


I love using my marketing expertise and my mindset strategies to help others build businesses that thrive.


The truth is, you’re awesome at what it is that you do. I'm here to help you own that awesomeness and show it to the world!  I'm here to help you get on top of all the tiny details and small tasks that happen behind the scenes of a business so you can get paid to do the things you LOVE to do.

What can you expect from the 5 Day Fast Track to Booking Your Next Dream Client?


Day 1: Clarify your messaging so it talks to your Dream Client and inspires them to take action

Learn exactly what your ideal client WANTS to hear so you connect directly to their key problem so they’ll be dying to work with you!


Day 2: Getting visible - actually find your dream clients

Create a proactive plan to get in front of your dream clients and stand out from the crowd.


Day 3: Creating Content That Warms Up Your Audience

Learn how to create content that’s impactful & drives your customer to take serious action without spending hours staring at a blank computer screen!


Day 4: Building high-level relationships that convert

Learn how to market yourself and your offers in a way that feels authentic and never icky.


Day 5: Closing the Sale

You’ve found your Dream Clients, they’re warm, you know your offer is PERFECT for them and EXACTLY what they how do you book them?


The Challenge is jam-packed to get you booking your dream client:

⚡Daily live training videos

⚡Hot-seat coaching for those who join live

⚡Daily worksheets to help you turn learnings into actions

⚡A community of awesome bosses who are there to support you in your journey!

⚡Each day, we’re going to cover a different topic that is going to get you closer to attracting and booking your next dream client