Territorial Election Information Campaign


Social Media Marketing, Media Buying


Elections Yukon is the non-partisan body that administers the election of members of the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Each election cycle Elections Yukon must inform the public about how, where and when to vote. In preparation for the 2016 election Elections Yukon wanted to freshen the look and feel of its communications and implement a consistent mark and style across print, web and social media tools. Elections Yukon was also looking to start using social media to inform Yukoners about election information.


SMRT POP UPS, Mary Binsted Design and Mark Rutledge Design all worked together to establish a consistent look and feel and mark for Elections Yukon.  SMRT POP UPS created a communications strategy which included posters, newspaper ads, radio ads, rolling TV ads and a householder. SMRT POP UPS and Mary Binsted Design provided design and implementation services for the campaign. Our team also wrote, designed and delivered Facebook and Twitter campaigns.


Elections can often be a challenging topic to engage the public about. This was the first time that Elections Yukon had used social media as a tool to share information about voting and elections processes. The results were extremely positive. Social media was embraced by audiences as a way to easily and quickly share information with friends, family, and contacts. As an example, the benchmark for social media engagement is 1% and this campaign reached 7% at its peak. 

52 posts on Twitter 

58 posts on Facebook

20,399 Twitter Impressions

1.6% engagement rate on Twitter

174,000 + Facebook impressions

6% Facebook engagement rate

21,000+ reach (unique users)

611 website visits