Grow your business with Facebook Ads


Everything you need to know to use Facebook Ads to grow your business on a small budget.



You have an awesome business with a great product or service that you know your audience would buy – if you could just reach them. Grow your Business with Facebook Ads is a four-part course that will arm you with all the tools, know-how, and tips you need to go from overwhelm to expert.


If you’ve been holding back from jumping into Facebook Ads, or you’ve been tinkering but aren’t quite sure about how to really unlock the power of Facebook Ads – we hear you.

Does this sound familiar...

  • You’re worried about wasting your money – spending a ton on ads that don’t do anything for your business
  • You’re confused about how to target your ads to get them in front of the RIGHT people
  • You aren’t even sure what you should be making as an ad – what content should you promote? What image should you use?
  • You find that Facebook Ads can just feel overwhelming at times and don’t even know where to start.

I can help.

In Grow your Business with Facebook Ads, we’re going to dive deep into Facebook Ads to get you SUPER comfortable with Ads Manager, explore and understand everything you need to know about campaign types, how to create audiences, creating awesome ads, and more. The course workbook will also help you plan and run your campaigns.


PLUS get TWO BONUS Courses for FREE - Understand Your Ideal Customer with Audience Personas  Design School: Canva and the Principles of Great Design.


With this combination of courses you’ll know who you are targeting, how to reach them through Facebook ads, and you’ll have the design chops you needs to make ads and posts that connect.


Rave Reviews


“Even as a marketer who has used the Ads Manager in the past, I found this course was an excellent in-depth guide on how to use it effectively. The thoughtful case study gave students the opportunity to understand different types of marketing campaigns, how to keep them organized, and novel ways of targeting audiences on Facebook. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to get better results at finding the customers who want to connect with them.”


Fawn Fritzen, Marketing Specialist (AURORA Workshops)

Here's what you're getting

Module 1: Ads Manager 101

⚡The power of running ads on Facebook

⚡What the Ads Manager is and why Facebook Ad Pros swear by it

⚡All about the Ads Manager Interface

⚡The different components of a campaign

⚡How to organize your campaigns for success and simplicity

At the end of this module, you’ll be super comfortable and familiar with Ads Manager and with all the Facebook Ads lingo.

Module 2: Understanding audiences

⚡How to use razor sharp targeting in Facebook Ads to get your ads in front of the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time

⚡About all the different types of audiences you can create

⚡What placements are and how they can help you make the most of your ads

⚡How to set budgets and schedules for your campaigns

At the end of this module, you’ll be able to rock your audience targeting so you can get in front of the RIGHT people and stretch a small budget a long way.

Module 3: The Ad

⚡How to set up ads in your campaigns

⚡How to build a campaign around a series of ads – and tips and tricks to help you save time when doing this

⚡The in’s and out’s of A/B testing creatives

⚡The common mistakes people make with ads – and how to avoid them


At the end of this module, you’ll be super comfortable creating killer ads and building campaigns around them. You’ll also be armed with information and tools to help you avoid common mistakes that can hold your campaigns back from being super successful.


Module 4: Measuring Results

⚡Knowing WHAT you want to measure and HOW to measure it

⚡How to navigate, read, and understand the data in Facebook Ads


At the end of this module, you’ll be setting key performance indicators for your ads and will be a Rockstar at finding the data and using it to measure results and make business decisions.


Plus get these amazing bonuses!

Understand Your Ideal Customer with Audience Personas (Value $125)

A course and worksheet that help you understand WHO your audience is so that you can create ads that engage, connect, and convert


Design School: Canva and the Principles of Great Design (Value $125)

An in-depth walkthrough of our fave design tool that you can use to create amazing looking ads – no fancy software or design skills necessary

⚡Picking the colours and fonts that are right for YOUR brand
⚡Rules and guidelines that will help you create professional designs that stand out
⚡Where to find photos and images when you have none

We know you are tired of staring at ads manager feeling overwhelmed and confused. We know you are desperate to reach a bigger audience but fearful of wasting money on the wrong thing. We know you are ready to see the next level of success in your business and that Facebook ads can help you get there.


Your investment

Rave Reviews


“I have recommended the Facebook Ads course to every business, organization and society I have connections with. Facebook is such a powerful platform for reaching potential customers and building online communities. This course helped me navigate Ads Manager and create successful ads to help me connect with potential customers.”

Katie Young, Klondike Kettle Corn


“The Grow your Business with Facebook Ads course was incredibly helpful, and full of useful information to get my business into using Facebook advertising. Selene’s relevant and meaningful tips gave me the knowledge and confidence to take advantage of this powerful ad platform. Cheers!”

Jennifer T. Free Pour Jenny's

selene vakharia courses for entrepreneurs

Hey! Selene here! I’m a Business & Marketing Strategist and owner of a full-service marketing, design, and events agency where I work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to dream big, tell their stories, and engage their audiences.


I'm also the Founder of SMRT WOMEN, an award-winning community for entrepreneurs and business bosses in the making. SMRT WOMEN has courses and events designed to help you build the skills, support, and connections you need for you and your business to thrive - whatever stage your business is in.


In my over 15 years of marketing experience, I have worked with award-winning ad agencies across Canada as a Social Media and Digital Strategist.


I have always loved using Facebook Ads to help businesses crush their goals. And I love teaching business owners how to use Facebook Ads themselves so they can go after their own dreams and grow their businesses.


The truth is, you’re awesome at what it is that you do. I'm here to help you own that awesomeness and show it to the world! I'm here to help you get on top of all the tiny details and small tasks that happen behind the scenes of a business so you can THRIVE and so you can get paid to do the things you LOVE to do.

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

Grow Your Business with Facebook Ads is an on-demand program

This course is PACKED with information so you have time to process and try it out.

How long do I have to access the course?

There is a LOAD of info in this course, and I know that you are going to want to refer back to it over and over again to make full use of all of its awesomeness. After enrolling, you have unlimited lifetime access to this course.

What if I have a super small ad budget - can I actually benefit from Facebook Ads?

YES! Facebook Ads is one of the BEST ways to make your super small budget go super far. You can achieve HUGE results with just a few dollars when you know how to unlock all the potential of Facebook Ads.

What if I never use the course or change my mind - can I get my money back?

I totally get that schedules change and you get busy! But, I believe 100% in what we have in this course and in its ability to change the way you do Facebook Ads forever. I totally believe that what is in this course is a game changer. So, sorry - no refunds! If things change and your schedule gets busy, don’t worry - you have lifetime access to what’s in the course!

Ready to jump on in and master Facebook Ads?