2016 / Social Media Strategy, Graphic Design, Content Marketing, Social Media Management


After the social media success of their first video, the Mapping the Way committee saw an opportunity to leverage social media more effectively to increase awareness and understanding of Yukon’s self-government agreements. They needed a social media strategy to map out how to use online channels and tools to tell their story and engage audiences in the story of self-governance in the Yukon.


SMRT POP UPS worked with the Mapping the Way committee to develop a comprehensive social media strategy. The strategy created personas of the audiences that the client was trying to reach: their social media habits (including which channels they use and how), their information needs, and what they found engaging and compelling in content. Armed with this research we were able to suggest a mix of social media channels and strategies for how to use them to most effectively reach the engagement goals.


In the first five months of the project, SMRT POP UPS has researched, designed, written, and implemented over 100 Facebook posts and two campaigns.


The Facebook page gained 827 fans and had 13,643 engagements - including 4,119 post reactions, 746 shares, and 489 comments.


From June-July, we ran the first page contest campaign. It invited users to share photos of themselves and the Yukon and comment on what it was that made them proud about the agreements. There were 17 user-generated entries and engagement on those entries and the contest was incredibly high. It generated 1,074 reactions, 124 shares, 63 comments, and  a total of 3,641 clicks.