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We specialize in creative marketing and event solutions that engage your audience. We work with you to uncover your needs and to create a customized action plan just for you. Whether its designing a unique event or getting your brand out there, whether its crafting the perfect content for your social media or building you your dream website, we are here to get you results. Check out our services.

Marketing Strategy and Social Media

Magnetic North Theatre Festival

Event Planning, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing

Curious how to build an engaged audience for the arts? Take a look at how we did it for Magnetic North Theatre Festival during its time in Whitehorse using social media, media relations, and pop-up events.

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Mapping the Way

Social Media, Strategy, Design & Branding

Wondering how to create content that educates, engages, and entertains? SMRT POP UPS created a social media strategy to tell the story of self-governance in the Yukon.

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2016 Territorial Election Information Campaign

Social Media Marketing, Media Buying

How can you engage citizens in civic participation? With a strong content marketing approach, SMRT POP UPS helped Yukoners get informed with catchy, easy-to-follow visual content.

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Pivot Theatre Festival 2016

Arts Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Event Planning, Social Media Marketing, Design & Branding

Using social media and public relations, SMRT POP UPS was able to reach target audiences and raise the profile of the festival on a tight budget.

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Sexualized Assault Prevention Month 2016

Social behaviour campaigns don't need to be boring. SMRT POP UPS developed a dynamic campaign with social media and a series of community events to spark dialogue around an important topic - consent.

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Events & Engagement

Countdown to 150 (New Year's Eve)

An amazing New Year's Eve celebration with local dance performances, musical groups, all-night skating and food vendors, and - of course - Classified.

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Canada Day 150

Event Production and Management

An epic Canada Day celebration with entertaining programming all day long that engaged 10,000 kids, youth, and adults.

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Downtown and Marwell Plan

The story of how we found unique solutions on a budget to engage new participants in the dialogue about our city's future.

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Branding & Design

Arts Marketing Branding and Design

Pivot Theatre Festival

Branding & Design

A branding project for an annual theatre festival in the North bringing to life the transformative feeling of the shows and the winter.

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Shift Transportation Showcase

Branding & Design

There are many ways to get from A to B. Working with Yukon Government and Yukon Energy, SMRT POP UPS created the branding and design concept and outputs to promote the SHIFT Transportation Showcase - an event all about sustainable transportation options in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

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City Planning Logo Design

Robert Service Way Planning Study


A branding project for the City of Whitehorse's Robert Service Way Planning Study.

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Yukon Government Parks Infographic Header

Talking Yukon Parks Infographic

Graphic Design

An infographic design project for Yukon Government Environment to explain and promote the engagement project behind the Parks Strategy.

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