social media and content marketing






Marketing and Communications Strategies

Marketing and communications is about sharing your story to the right people in the right place in the right way to get the results you want. Our job is to map out who you want to talk to, what you are trying to say, and how you can say it in a way that will motivate people to act. Our marketing and communications strategies include print and digital tools, events, and much more all featuring our unique smart-fun edutainment style.

Social Media Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube - there are many many ways to have a conversation with your customers and audiences online. Social media gives you the tools to create dialogue and learn real-time what works and tweak what doesn’t when trying to reach your customers. We create strategies that help you find where your customers are online and talk to them in a way that will get your results: followers, sales, engagement, and much more.

Digital Marketing Strategy

From SEO to SEM, from understanding how and where you should put your brand online, we can create a unique solution that goes beyond buzzwords to get results.

Graphic Design

From brochures, branding, and banners to social media posts and websites we can make you look slick and pro.

Public Engagement

We love thinking of creative and fun ways to get people interacting with the big challenges facing our community. Whether you are an NGO trying to get feedback from members, or a government department needing public input on a social challenge, we develop strategies and implement tools that connect meaningfully with people and capture attention.

Website and User Experience Design

Your website is your online calling card, but it’s also a place for people to experience what you have to offer or connect with your big idea. Either way, your website should be more than just a pretty face. We design and develop mobile-friendly websites centered squarely on user experience to make sure your audience can find you and that - once they do - they get what they are looking for and have the best possible first impression.

Event Design and Management

Events big and small bring our community together to educate and inspire. Our team has the tools to help you through a spiffy and engaging after hours event or a full scale festival. With venue selection and setup, speaker coordination, vendor and sponsor management, security, stage crew and all the rest, we can design an engaging and lively event to meet your goals.

Content Marketing

Connecting with customers and clients means creating content that engages them and leaves them wanting more. Using research-based personas, we help you say the right things in the right way to attract, inform, and engage your audience, while also promoting your brand.

Public Relations

Taking advantage of free media coverage can really make your project and message go far. We leverage relationships with local media and our knowledge of editorial needs to get eyes and ears on your story.

Strategic Planning + Facilitation

We like helping you get your ducks in a row. If your organization or business is struggling with too many opportunities, not sure what its next steps are, or is in need of a refresh and a new direction, we can help. Our dynamic facilitators can help you get clear and get focused for success.