Sexualized Assault Prevention Month


Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Marketing and Communications Strategy


Womens' organizations in Whitehorse partner every year to raise awareness of sexualized assault in May. The goal is to raise awareness about, and deepen the understanding of, sexualized assault so it can be stopped before it happens.


SMRT POP UPS developed a dynamic campaign that leveraged existing posters and print materials from previous campaigns, a social media campaign and a series of community events to spark dialogue around the theme - consent. Events included a panel about the Jian Ghomeshi trial at Baked Cafe, Consent is hot B-A-N-G-O - an educational trivia style game night to educate participants about consent and sexuality, play readings by Gwaandak Theatre, and the Yukon Consent Crew made the rounds at local events.   The events and posts were meant to spark questions and dialogue and engage the community at large in thinking critically about how behavior we often consider “typical” is sexualized assault.


Over 30 days SMRT POP UPS posted 36 posts on VFWC Facebook (including live posts from event)

This included original posts to raise awareness and promote behaviour change, event posts, and curated links.


Reached 10,618 unique users 

Engaged 798 unique users in that time period; 7.5% engagement rate

69 new followers during campaign

$105 on post promotion; reached 6,086 with 548 engagements
(the posts additionally had organic reach and engagement)


Media coverage on CBC radio, Yukon News, Whitehorse Star and What’s Up Yukon featured the campaign’s events and core themes. Over 250 people attended events or were engaged by the Yukon Consent Crew.