Uplevel Your Business 

1:1 Strategy Sessions


3 months of actionable steps and 1:1 support with a business and marketing strategist to help you grow your audience, launch the next Big Thing, and increase your income

If you've been running your own business and are ready to take it to the next level, or have been dabbling with a side gig that you are ready to make full time, you're in the right place.


You have big dreams for your business. But sometimes it can be a huge challenge knowing what to do next. Everywhere you turn there is someone else telling you about something else. And all the other businesses seem to be doing all the things.


No wonder you’re getting stuck in overwhelm, indecision, and shiny object syndrome. 


You need a strategy! 


Uplevel Your Business is a 12-week program designed to get you focused and clear on turning your big business goal into an awesome dreamy reality. It’s all about picking that one Big Thing you want to achieve in the next quarter and turning it into an achievable and strategy master plan of action.


Whether you want to launch a business, launch a new product or service, figure out your funnel for once and for all, or build a website, with Uplevel Your Business, you’ll get the support, tools, and confidence you need to get your business there.

Here’s what the process looks like

Step one

We start at the beginning. You complete an intake form that provides me with a snapshot of your business now and where you would like to be in three months. This will give me better insight into your business.


Step two

We have a 90-minute intake meeting where we narrow down and really focus on the Big Thing you would like to achieve in the next quarter. Together, we will take that big idea and goal and brainstorm how we’re going to not only make it happen, but really crush it.


Step three

I’ll turn our brainstorm into a step-by-step plan of action - your game plan - complete with due dates, checklists, resources, etc. We’ll walk through it and get you started on your first steps. 


Step four

We’ll hop on an hourly coaching call every other week to touch base on the action plan, answer questions, help you through blocks and challenges, and keep you motivated. In between our calls, you’ll have homework to move through your action plan. I’ll check in on you and be available for questions and support.

What’s included?

90-minute strategy brainstorm


⚡5x60-minute 1:1 coaching and strategy sessions


⚡A step-by-step roadmap to get you to your finish line. Complete with due dates, check lists, resources, and more!


⚡ A whole bunch of my favourite tools and top secrets to plan your marketing, stay on top of your operations, and evaluate what’s working and what’s not in your business


⚡Accountability and support to help keep you on track

I’m so excited to make your dreams a reality, are you? Let’s dive in.

This program is for you if...

  • You are frustrated and spinning your wheels with doing all the things for your business and not getting anywhere but burn-out city
  • You have been experimenting with a side-gig and want to take it to the next level
  • You are ready to get serious, focus, and put in the investment to make the difference
  • You have 5+ hours a week available for doing the work
  • You are ready to see your business grow to the next level
  • You are open to help, ready to hear the advice and ready to implement/do the work
  • You are ready to step outside your comfort zone

Rave Reviews


"SMRT WOMEN is such a wonderful program, and I really appreciate the amazing women behind it. It's sharing tools, information and a mindset for refocusing, empowering and growing both my business and myself in the best way. My business has tremendously grown since I started using the SMRT WOMEN content and I feel much more motivated and capable with my entrepreneurial journey of owning and managing a small business and actually doing what I love for a living.”


Maya Rosenberg, Owner at Art by Maya

Hey! Selene here! I’m so excited to support you in building the business of your dreams. Over the past 15 years, I've worked with so many businesses and organizations to help businesses build their brand, reach new audiences, launch national products, and sell out their events. And I'm here and ready to do the same for your business.


I absolutely love working with businesses to find their story, get super clear on their audiences, and craft strategic content that turns their dream customers into happy clients. And I’m so excited to share all that I know and all the experience I have with you.


After many years of studying marketing and even more years working in the field, I am here to teach you everything you need to know when it comes to successfully marketing and building your own business.


The truth is, you’re awesome at what it is that you do. I'm here to help you own that awesomeness and show it to the world! I'm here to help you get on top of all the tiny details and small tasks that happen behind the scenes of a business so you can THRIVE and so you can get paid to do the things you LOVE to do.

I run a full-service marketing, design, and events agency where we work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to dream big, tell their stories, and engage their audiences.


After running the agency for a couple of years, I decided that we wanted to use our marketing, money, and mindset superpowers to help female entrepreneurs rock THEIR businesses. So, SMRT WOMEN was started.


SMRT WOMEN is an award-winning community for aspiring and working female entrepreneurs. We have programs, events, and workshops designed to help you build the skills, support, and connections you need for you and your business to thrive - whatever stage your business is in.


The truth is, you’re awesome at what it is that you do. I'm here to help you own that awesomeness and show it to the world!  I'm here to help you get on top of all the tiny details and small tasks that happen behind the scenes of a business so you can THRIVE and so you can get paid to do the things you LOVE to do.

Rave Reviews


“Selene from SMRT POP UPS helped with narrowing down my marketing audiences and clarifying my message on social media and it’s working!!! I’m reaching the right people and engagement is high!!! Very exciting.”


Ingrid Arboine, Clan Mother Worldwide

So, what’s your investment?



*Flexible payment plans are available. Plus GST depending on where you are located.

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