Overcoming the fear of visibility as an entrepreneur

For many female entrepreneurs, visibility is a struggle. It is a challenge to put ourselves and our business out there. Whether on social media or at networking events, standing up and showing up can be something that we instinctually run from.


As women, we have been conditioned to be humble and to not take risks. When we take charge, we're told we are controlling or bossy.


All of this can result in a struggle to believe in ourselves, our abilities as CEO, and our vision. You might also struggle to self-promote, share your wins and successes and proudly tell the world about your special talents.


So, what can you do?



Hack limiting beliefs

Be your own devil’s advocate. What story are you telling yourself? What is at the root of that anxiety that arises when you think about being visible. Describe it in detail.


Now that you have uncovered the story...is there truth in it? What do you assume to be true? What part of the story makes you feel stuck every time? What do you really believe? Can you disprove the story you are telling yourself and give it less power?


Let yourself shine

Look back at the past year and think of three times you felt really good and proud about how a project went or how you helped a client with your business. Write out a statement describing each time and write out in detail the difference you made for that client or customer and how it made you feel.


Overcome self doubt with strategy

Ask your fans, your past clients, and your audience what they want to learn about from you. Use those questions and ideas to guide your content. When you focus on what your clients need, you can create content with more confidence.


If you are ready to tackle the mindset demons that are holding you and your business back, we're here to help you build an action plan and a strategy to put those unhelpful blocks on, well, the chopping block! Get in touch today for a discovery call!